the corporation

Mark Achbar & Jennifer Abbott
147 mins, Canada, 2004

 image from the corporation
Image: The Corporation

Filmmakers Mark Achbar (Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media) and Jennifer Abbott construct a fascinating 'personality profile' of your garden variety corporation and find that it most closely corresponds, in behavioural terms, to a psychopath.

A compelling inquiry into the 'nature' of this parasitical organism is rendered even more disturbing when Achbar and Abbott delve deeper into the connections between corporate self-interest, political opportunism and economic globalisation which, combined, spawn a beast of altogether more rapacious and insidious instincts.

Noam Chomsky and Naomi Klein add their voices to those of former and current CEOs and Vice Presidents, whistleblowers and one very pragmatic financial analyst.

'Provocative, entertaining and chilling.' Indiewire

Dates   Tuesday 25 January 2005, 7.30pm
Admission   Full $13
Concession $10

Proof Pass (any 6 sessions)
Full $60
Concession $50

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Courtesy: Gil Scrine Films
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