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tommy and the magical words

Developer: ViquaSoft Co Ltd, 2005, Thailand
IGF Award: Nominee, Innovation in Visual Art

image from tommy and the magical words
Tommy and the Magical Words. Image: ViquaSoft Co. Ltd
Create word paths to help Tommy escape the book in this charming puzzle game.

Using a storybook theme and strong narrative, the game extends the well-known game mechanics of Scrabble by offering educational resources and additional game elements such as a dictionary and hang-man sub game.

A fun learning experience, the game uses maps, quests and an inventory of magical animals and items which players unlock as they progress through the story.

developer's statement
Tommy and the Magical Words is an original word game inspired by word games such as Scrabble. Children and adults will find that the game is both challenging and fun. Instead of laying down words just to cover a board, the player must lay down words to create a path so that Tommy can reach the end of the level. By developing this game we hoped to create a unique and innovative game that lets the player have fun and sharpen their mind at the same time.  

The main advantage to being a true indie developer, one whose creative decisions are not affected by publishers, is the freedom of creativity that it gives. This gives indie games a more artistic edge and is what makes them interesting. Through indie games you can see back more into the individual developer's thoughts and personality, just like a good work of art. This is why it is important that indie developers must be given the support they need to thrive and be able to have their part in today's game industry.

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