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strange attractors

Developer: Ominous Development, 2005, USA
IGF Award: Nominee, Innovation in Game Design

image from strange attractors
Strange Attractors. Image: Ominous Development
Get your index finger primed for this single switch floating physics game.

Commenting on control accessibility in videogames, this cosmic pinball-like game celebrates the physical simulation of gravity, mass and momentum with a slick soundtrack and fun sound effects. 

Using only the common spacebar to activate and deactivate gravity, players sling and bounce off clockwork spheres, squash hapless little spacemen and bump into 'boss' heads to gain points and access higher levels.

developer's statement
We developed Strange Attractors as part of a 'One Switch' competition. The idea was to create a game that could be played with only one button. In so doing, we were creating an extreme example of physical accessibility in video games, especially considering how many buttons and analogue sticks are on the current generation gaming consoles. I counted 14 buttons, plus two joysticks on the new Xbox controller, which can be daunting for anyone, much more for a person with limited mobility. Given these constraints, we simply tried to create a game that was unique and fun for us.

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