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glow worm

Developer: Flashbang Studios LLC, 2005, USA.
IGF Award: Nominee Innovation in Visual Art, Nominee Innovation in Audio

image from glow worm
Glow Worm. Image: Flashbang Studios LLC
A visual splendour of colourful sparkles accompanied by rich audio stand out in this puzzle game.

Glow Worm is highly addictive, offering an enhanced mix of Tetris and Bejewelled. Enrichments to these traditional puzzle games include story and adventure modes, an orchestral soundtrack, inversing worm colours, breaking cages, and the satisfying 'poof' of disappearing bushes.

At each cleared level the player is rewarded with fun facts on worms and butterflies, keeping them glued to the game.

developer's statement
Our goal at Flashbang Studios is simple: To create awesome games that anyone and everyone can enjoy. We are dedicated to creating and publishing games that push the technology of casual entertainment forward.

We strive to create stunning images and beautiful scores for our games. We aim to push our titles from mere entertainment into an artistic experience.

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