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Discover (or rediscover!) our nation's classic films every Saturday afternoon at ACMI

Spanning diverse styles and genres, and exploring themes that range from serious evocations of racial politics through to absurdist parodies of our national preoccupations, ACMI features works from key Australian creatives, actors and technicians.

This weekly program profiles the work of acclaimed Australian directors such as Bruce Beresford, Gillian Armstrong, Paul Cox, George Miller, Phillip Noyce, Tracey Moffatt, Jane Campion, Fred Schepisi, Tim Burstall, Peter Weir and many more.

Saturdays 2pm
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thumbnail from smiley


Smiley is a mischievous country schoolboy who determines to save enough money to buy a bicycle and become the 'speed king' of Murrumbilla.

thumbnail from thank god he met lizzie

thank god he met lizzie

Cherie Nowlan's feature debut chronicles the romantic exploits of sensitive, new age Guy, who is on the prowl for the perfect woman.

thumbnail from winter of our dreams

winter of our dreams

A wry contemplation of the disturbing nexus between self-expression and personal responsibility in relationships.

thumbnail from shirley thompson versus the aliens

shirley thompson versus the aliens

The story of a 'widgie' in 1950s Sydney who is visited by aliens from outer space.

thumbnail from hepzibah

sons of namatjira + hepzibah

Two films from award-winning independent filmmaker Curtis Levy; Sons of Namatjira and the inspirational story Hepzibah.

thumbnail from phar lap

phar lap

Ramp up your adrenalin levels during the Spring Carnival with Wincer's take on the brief, tumultuous career of Australia's most famous racehorse!

thumbnail from the castle

the castle

Rob Sitch's comic treasure embraces its characters in the full bloom of glorious eccentricity.

thumbnail from incident at raven's gate

incident at raven's gate

An impressive combination of genres, Rolf de Heer's tale of an alien encounter in the Australian outback plays out with a grim sense of humour.

return to eden

Wallow in betrayal, murder, intrigue and plastic surgery in this marathon of Australia's most successful eighties mini-series!

thumbnail from dad & dave come to town

dad & dave come to town

When Dad inherits a dress salon in a bustling city, the Rudd Family travel from the country to investigate their windfall.

thumbnail from crocodile dundee

crocodile dundee

Peter Faiman's legendary adventure comedy still retains its status as the highest grossing local film in the history of Australian cinema.

thumbnail from head on

head on

Based on the novel Loaded by Christos Tsiolkas, Head On is full of power, aggression, antipathy and a groaning sexuality, starring Alex Dimitriades.

thumbnail from bliss


Based on Peter Carey's highly imaginative first novel, and directed by Ray Lawrence, this surreal black comedy still retains its caustic bite.

thumbnail from the glenrowan affair

the glenrowan affair

Guerrilla filmmaker Rupert Kathner chronicles the bushranging exploits of Ned Kelly and his 'wild colonial boys'.

thumbnail from looking for alibrandi

looking for alibrandi

Kate Woods translates Melina Marchetta's award-winning rites-of-passage tale to the screen.


Phillip Noyce's first feature spans a decade, telling the story of news cameramen who went out and brought the daily newsreels to an eager nation.

thumbnail from on the beach

on the beach

Based on the popular novel by Nevil Shute, Stanley Kramer's quietly devastating sci-fi drama condemns war without firing a single shot.

thumbnail from the killing of angel street

the killing of angel street

Donald Crombie's gritty political thriller stars Elizabeth Alexander and the sensational John Hargreaves.

thumbnail from dogs in space

dogs in space

Writer/director Richard Lowenstein navigates the world of drugs, dropouts and punk music in late 1970s inner-suburban Melbourne.

the sound of one hand clapping

A tale of dark secrets, this contemplative film features Martin McGrath's riveting cinematography and Cezary Skubiszewski's resplendant score.

thumbnail from bush christmas

bush christmas

Celebrate Christmas in July this year with Ralph Smart's delightful children's comic adventure story.

thumbnail from picnic at hanging rock

picnic at hanging rock

Weir's mesmerising tale is about a party of schoolgirls and their schoolmistress who disappear from Hanging Rock on Valentine's Day 1900.

thumbnail from kiss or kill

kiss or kill

Drawing on familiar film noir conventions, the stylish Kiss or Kill plays out with velocity, irreverence and an unexpectedly playful humour.

thumbnail from flirting


John Duigan's sequel to his highly acclaimed The Year My Voice Broke offers another delicate foray into the world of adolescent rites of passage.

thumbnail from monkey grip

monkey grip

This engaging adaption of Helen Garner's ground-breaking novel is a sensous evocation of inner-suburban Melbourne in the late seventies.

thumbnail from a town like alice

a town like alice

Based on Nevil Shute's evocative and much-loved novel, A Town Like Alice is a dramatic love story set during WWII.

thumbnail from kangaroo


Tim Burstall artfully translates D.H. Lawrence's novel to the screen.

thumbnail from the last wave

the last wave

The Last Wave was one of the first films to address the cultural divide between white Australians and indigenous populations.

thumbnail from smithy


Ken Hall's last feature tells the adventurous tale of early Australian pioneer aviator Charles Kingsford Smith's historic flight across the Pacific.

thumbnail from moulin rouge

moulin rouge

Would-be poet Christian (McGregor) falls for the beautiful courtesan Satine (Kidman) whom a jealous Duke covets in Baz Luhrmann's stylish musical.

thumbnail from razorback


Sheer madness, Razorback satirises contemporary issues with abandon, from the dingo baby case to environmental protesters and filmmaking traditions.

thumbnail from proof


This clever, character-driven comedy centres around the blind Martin who is so distrusting of people that he takes photos to prove they really exist.

thumbnail from backroads

backroads + castor & pollux

Early double from acclaimed director Phillip Noyce, one of the boldest and stylistically innovative young Australian directors to emerge in the 1970s.

thumbnail from clay

the spag + clay

Two works from Giorgio Mangiamele, one of the first migrant filmmakers in Victoria to dramatise the migrant experience.

thumbnail from roadgames


Richard Franklin's penchant for Hitchcock is evident in this engaging comedy-thriller journey across the Nullabor Plain.

thumbnail from the adventures of priscilla, queen of the desert

the adventures of priscilla, queen of the desert

Brashly scripted, featuring outrageous costumes and a high-camp soundtrack, The Adventures of Priscilla is a bitchy, gaudy, kitsch comedy classic.

thumbnail from the last of the knucklemen

the last of the knucklemen

This energetic action-drama follows wildcat miners' lives in the outback, coping with heat, hard work and boredom with booze, gambling and fighting.

thumbnail from the phantom stockman

the phantom stockman

An engaging Australian 'western' that tells the tale of young cattle station heiress who is convinced that her father has been murdered.

image from jedda

jedda + night cries: a rural tragedy

Charles Chauvel's Jedda is a dreamlike story of an Aboriginal baby raised by 'whites' on a cattle station. This is followed by Moffatt's Night Cries.

image from summerfield


This tightly woven and visually striking mystery drama from director Ken Hannam centres on a new schoolteacher (Nick Tate) in a small seaside town.

children of the revolution

Writer/Director Peter Duncan's audacious comedy plumbs the depths of diehard communism. Starring Judy Davis and Richard Roxburgh.



Spierig brothers redefine low-budget horror with this zombie splatter fest! FIPRESCI Prize Winner at the 2003 Melbourne International Film Festival.