the spag + clay

The Spag: 38 mins, 16mm. Clay: 60 mins, 35mm
Giorgio Mangiamele, Australia, B&W. Courtesy: Giorgio and Rosemary Mangiamele and NFSA

image from clay
Two works from Giorgio Mangiamele, one of the first migrant filmmakers in Victoria to dramatise the migrant experience.

This screening includes an early work (and the filmmaker's favourite) The Spag (1962), as well as the more ambitious Clay (1965), the second Australian film after Jedda to be invited to screen at the Cannes Film Festival.

Using the artists' colony of Montsalvat near Melbourne as the basic location, Clay was always a labour of love. Mangiamele performed all the technical roles including the camerawork - one of the film's great strengths is the superb monochrome photography which helps to create a dreamlike atmosphere.

Dates   Sat 25 Mar 2006, 2pm
Admission   All Tickets $8
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