Tuesday, 5 April 2005

marvel at inspirational visions of our world in motion in world without end, a new major exhibition opening at acmi screen gallery april 14

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image's (ACMI's) spectacular new major exhibition World Without End explores how our experience of the world is shaped by the energies and rhythms of cities, the subtle and dramatic forces of nature and the elasticity of time and space warped by global travel, new technologies and instant communication networks.

Featuring an array of large-scale panoramic projections, multi-screen and intimate hands-on interactive installations created by 15 artists from 7 countries-including France, Portugal, Ireland, South Korea, New Zealand, UK, US and Australia-World Without End invites viewers to explore the poetics of place, time, light, movement and sound.

Taking the natural landscape and the built environment as points of departure, the artists participating in World Without End use new technologies to fascinating effect.

The works in World Without End offer sublime moments of awe and wonder, allowing us dazzling glimpses of the minute realms of the microscopic and mind boggling dimensions of the astronomical, through to eye-opening perspectives on everyday life. The exhibition charts how we perceive the world through cycles of night and day, constantly changing weather patterns, crossings through natural and urban environments, currents of memory, emotion and reflection.

Zooming in on natural and man-made wonders across the continents, World Without End presents works that alter our view of the world, representing it not as we 'know' it to be, but rather as we innately sense it to be, or imagine it.
Visitors to the World Without End exhibition at ACMI descend into the subterranean darkness of the Screen Gallery, the largest gallery of its kind in the world, to experience a succession of visual and sonic environments including: startling images of Antarctica, searing scenes of shifting sands in the Namibian desert, mind bending images of Melbourne's marvellous trains, glimpses from 1600 webcam sites around the globe, and surreal vistas of some of the world's most famous and recognisable buildings recreated in miniature at a Japanese theme park.

World Without End is a stunning kaleidoscope of spectacular moving image art.

Curated by Alessio Cavallaro and Alexie Glass

Highlights of World Without End include:

  • Simon Carroll & Martin Friedel's History of a Day a large-scale multi-screen installation featuring stunning time-lapse photography sweeping from sunrise to sunset at a series of remarkable sites across the globe
  • Irish artist Clare Langan's Too Dark for Light, following a solitary figure journeying across the stark expanses of Namibia's Namib desert, its surreal sculptural dunes and ever shifting sands
  • French artists' collective Pleix's work Netlag which montages images from 1600 webcams across the globe, panning across entire continents and an almost overwhelming range of recognisable and anonymous locations around the world 
  • The return of Australian artist Lynette Wallworth's magical Hold Vessel 1, an installation where visitors 'capture' a mesmerizing array of projected visions of the world on delicate glass bowls made possible by microscopes, underwater cameras and astronomical cinematography (specially commissioned by ACMI, this work was displayed in ACMI's inaugural exhibition Deep Space: Sensation & Immersion and is back by popular demand - and about to be toured to the Davis Museum in the US).

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