seducing doctor lewis (la grande seduction)

Jean-François Pouliot, 110 mins, Canada, 2005, 35mm, French with English subtitles. Courtesy: Rialto Entertainment

image from seducing doctor lewis
Seducing Doctor Lewis
This beguiling film tells the tale of a ragtag fishing community whose residents must persuade a young doctor to live in their town so they can qualify for a much-needed new factory.

Over a trial period, the villagers of St. Marie-La-Mauderne try to satisfy Dr. Lewis' every need and whim in an effort to convince him that their town offers all the charms of a thriving metropolis. As their deception continues, the illusion becomes increasingly difficult to maintain.

"A warm-hearted film of considerable charm!" Los Angeles Times

Dates   Mon 2 Oct 2006, 12.15pm
No Longer Available
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