queer eye for the time lord guy doctor who in the 21st century

 image of tardis from dr who
The UK sci-fi TV series Doctor Who literally exploded back onto our screens this year after a 16 year absence, and it's all thanks to the Queer As Folk creator Russell T Davies.

The show rated staggeringly well in the UK, and has done well here too; so much so that a Christmas Special and second season have already been commissioned.

But what made it work? Was it the casting of Christopher Eccleston and Bille Piper as the leads; was it the zappy new pace that attracted a new audience combined with references to its past that kept the old fans happy? Was it the balance between humour and horror? Was it the Daleks? Or was it just the right time?

Writer and Doctor Who aficionado Tim Hunter examines the Doctor's new adventures to work out what makes them so successful. Are they that far removed from his previous ones? And was it unnecessarily camp, or just camp enough?

Tim Hunter writes for The Age and is a regular on SBS Radio and Joy Melbourne 94.9 FM.

Dates   Thu 15 Sep 2005, 7pm
Admission   Full $12 Concession $10
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