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artist(s): Rafael Fajardo - SWEAT
country of origin: USA & Mexico
technology: Java game distributed using Stagecast player

Crosser and its companion game, La Migra, offer radically opposing perspectives on the human traffic at the world's most densely populated international boundary. The aim of Crosser, based on Frogger, is to get your illegal immigrant across the Rio Grande. That of La Migra, inspired by Space Invaders, is to thwart illegal entry. They represent territory that creator Rafael Fajardo identifies as complex and contradictory, where the stated rules are not always the rules of play.

artist statement
Crosser puts the player in the position of attempting to cross the Rio Grande (il)legally from Mexico into the United States. The path is obstructed by detritus floating down the shallow river and by Border Patrol agents (known in spanglish as 'la migra'), both of which move with uncompromising regularity. If a crosser should meet up with any of these obstacles, she will be sent home - most of the time. Occasionally a migra-man will turn a blind eye to the crosser and allow her to pass. The challenge is to get across unscathed and to reach the greencard at the other side. Can you make it?

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