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wildlife tycoon: venture africa

Developer: Pocketwatch Games, 2005, USA
IGF Award: Nominee, Seumas McNally Grand Prize

image from wildlife tycoon
Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa. Image: Pocketwatch Games
Players create and balance the eco-system in this ideological nature sim.

Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa uses emergent AI to model animal behaviour and build complexity. The designers wished to make the game available for causal players by ensuring both engaging play - with goals, rewards and levels - and a small download size. To do this they focused on fewer animals with more realistic behaviours, such as pack-hunting lions and habitat disturbing elephants.

developer's statement
Pocketwatch Games prides itself on being one of the few game development studios that truly contributes to the betterment of the world through our games and charitable contributions. A percentage of the sales of Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa will be donated annually to wildlife habitat preservation programs. We hope that we can contribute to the world and our artistic medium by taking risks with our games and advancing an ethical worldview to gamers.

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