Pleix, France, 2004
Webcam, computer, video / DVD, colour, stereo sound, 4:00 mins
Courtesy: the artists

 image from netlag
Netlag   Pleix
We don't think there is only one 'visual style' in all the Pleix films. But there is an ambience, an atmosphere working on the edge of things. 

The Pleix touch could be a common theme on limits, contradictions and accidents that show the fragility of the digital world and the world in general. We all like producing tension by joining together heterogeneous graphics, videos and sounds. 

Netlag combines footage from over 1609 live web cameras around the world. The music to Netlag is composed by Henrik José aka BLISS. The title of the track is Do You Remember How It Felt? - Pleix

Pleix, established 2001
Formed in 2001, Pleix are a virtual community of digital media artists - graphic designers, 3D artists and musicians based in Paris.

Pleix has exhibited work in numerous international contexts, including the Austin Museum of Digital Art, Texas, 2003; Resfest, San Paolo, 2004; the Future Film Festival, Bologna, 2004; and The Cube, Issey-Les-Moulineaux, 2004.

Pleix has also conducted workshops at the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, 2004.

Dates   Thursday 14 April - Sunday 17 July 2005
Admission   Free
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