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16mm & 35mm Feature Film Registration Form

To access 16mm and 35mm Feature Films, please complete this form and return it to:

ACMI Collections
PO Box 14
Flinders Lane
Melbourne, Victoria 8009

You can fill in this form online - type directly into each box, then print it out - or you can print it out and fill it in by hand. If you have any difficulty using this form, you can contact collections on (03) 8663 2467 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday (AEST). 

Note: Please notify collections in writing of any changes to registration details as soon as they occur.

ACMI respects your privacy.

Organisation Details
Organisation Name
Delivery Address
(not PO Box)
Billing Address
Alternative Telephone


(correspondence will be via email if you provide an address)

Authorised Bookers
Person 1
First Name
Last Name
Signature _________________________________
Person 2
First Name
Last Name
Signature _________________________________

Equipment Details
The information you supply here is vital. Please attach additional comments where appropriate.
Type of equipment used for screenings
Frequency of equipment service
Experience/skills of operator

School Details & Declaration

Complete if your organisation is a school. This declaration must be signed by a responsible officer who has the authority to enforce it (eg School Principal, Chief Librarian, Registrar).

I hereby certify that:

  1. Restricted films accessed by the institution named above shall be used only in the context of formal coursework in normal class or lecture situations within this institution; the general public will not be admitted or invited to attend under any circumstances, and films will not be used in any context that could be construed as entertainment.
  2. The restricted films will not be requested for any purpose other than for formal courses run by this institution.
  3. The authorised bookers named above will administer the booking, receipt, use and return of restricted films for this institution and will be available for contact by collections in relation to such use.
Principal / Registrar's name
Principal / Registrar's signature _________________________________

Film Society Details & Declaration

Complete if your organisation is a Film Society.

The Society certifies that:

  1. It is a non-profit Society constituted for the specific purposes of study and appreciation of the art of film.
  2. Only members shall be admitted to its screenings, except where the Society's Constitution provides for admission of non-members as observers or as guests of members, in which case non-members shall not be subjected to any direct or indirect admission charge, levy, donation or fee. The number of non-members admitted must be controlled, eg three guests per member per year or non-members must join the Society after two attendances.
  3. Film society access is by annual subscription. In addition to annual membership, film societies may offer subscriptions based on a period of not less than three months (or one academic term, in the case of societies at educational institutions) during which membership shall be valid, and that no additional levy, or other charge which may be construed as a direct admission fee shall be made for admission to any screening in which ACMI's 16mm and 35mm Feature Films are included.
  4. It shall operate within the spirit of the film study access service in that it shall use films for serious viewing within the context of a regular, ongoing and structured program. It shall not exhibit these films for any fundraising purposes whatsoever (whether commercial or non-commercially motivated), and it shall not exhibit ACMI's 16mm or 35mm Feature Films in any other entertainment context divorced from the Society's continuing program.
  5. It understands that film societies have no exemption status under Australian copyright law and must fulfil an array of requirements to access films from ACMI. Full compliance with the strict screening guidelines set out by the Australian Council of Film Societies and ACMI upon registration as a client is mandatory. This is to satisfy not only the demands of ACMI but copyright laws, distributors, commercial exhibitors and national and international rights holders that the screenings are not 'public'. Fifty years of protocol, precedent and responsible practice in the screening of films has secured the right of access to these films. ACMI negotiates the right to lend to film societies on the grounds that all the various rules that govern film society usage are strictly observed.
  6. It understands that collections' discretion in interpreting any breach of these conditions shall be final, and that any breach of these conditions may render the Society ineligible for further loans.
Which federation does your society belong to?
Signed on behalf of the Society _________________________________

All items will be shipped via Australia Post using ELADS (Electronic Lodgement and Delivery System). If you would prefer to use your own courier, please attach details.

I have read and agree to abide by the Conditions of Loan.
Signature(s) _________________________________
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