men are stupid, women are crazy presented by screenplay and acmi

men are stupid, women are crazy

Why is it that we all come from Mars and Venus but end up in hell? Brian has accidentally found himself in a relationship and although he hasn't realised it yet, he's in love. Meanwhile, Jenny is just hoping that Brian won't do anything stupid. She must be crazy.

Brian's relationship is also being very publicly aired on his breakfast radio show and the audience loves it. Brian ends up throwing himself into the abyss and the only way out is to win Jenny back, if she'll still have him.

Gordon Napier has an advanced diploma in Screenwriting from RMIT. He has written for MAD magazine, had several of his scripts optioned, been the game designer for a CD ROM, won 'Best script' in an internet competition and is currently working on a television pilot for his series The Gordo Show with a production company. It has also been alleged that he has worked as a prostitute and had sex with David Beckham.

'ScreenPlay provides the crucial and all-too-often missing link between the writing process and production'
Jan Sardi, Screenwriter - Shine, Writer/Director - Love's Brother.

Dates   Monday 3 May 2004, 7.30pm
Admission   Full $9 Concession $7
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