Andrew Davis, 118 mins, USA, 2003, 35mm

 image from holes
When Stanley is sent to Camp Green Lake for stealing sneakers (something he didn't do), he takes up residence with some rugged fellow juvenile 'delinquents' - Squid, Armpit, ZigZag, Magnet, X-Ray and Zero - alongside whom he is forced to dig endless holes in the blistering desert sun.

Mystified as to the purpose of the holes, the boys set about plotting a daring escape.

Adapted from Louis Sachar's popular teen adventure novel, the cast includes Sigourney Weaver as the Warden, Jon Voight as the inscrutable Mr. Sir, Patricia Arquette as Kissin' Kate Barlow and Eartha Kitt (from TV's Batman) as Madame Zeroni.

Dates   Sun 11 Dec 2005, 10.30am & 1pm
Admission   Tickets $5
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