the light

Brian Doyle, USA, 2003
NTSC dvcam - video / DVD, colour, stereo sound, 10:18 mins
Courtesy: the artist

 image from the light
The Light   Brian Doyle
My work is grounded in a desire to document phenomena that routinely affect our lives, but often go unnoticed.

I hope to heighten our awareness of the ephemeral forces at play all around us. On closer observation, the everyday can once again become strange and give up something new.

I find inspiration in the tension between our perception of the natural world and culturally ingrained responses to our environment. Information overload and the false assumption that technology equates with progress are themes explored in my recent work. - Brian Doyle

Brian Doyle, b. 1973, Lakeland, Florida
Brian Doyle works in video, installation and photography, producing semi-fictionalised documentaries. Since graduating with a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Doyle has exhibited his work in galleries, museums, film festivals and on television throughout America and Europe. 

He garnered the Special Jury Prize at the New York Underground Film Festival, 2002; Best Experimental Film from the Chicago Underground Film Festival, 2003; and a nomination for the Werkleitz Project Grant from the Kasseler Dokumentarfilm & Videofest, Kassel, 2003.

Doyle lives and works in New York.

Camera: Brian Doyle, Jay Hufford, Mic Knight, David Miller
Original music: Kurt Brondo, Chad Laird
Post-production support: Ya-Hsuan Huang

Dates   Thursday 14 April - Sunday 17 July 2005
Admission   Free
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