shirley thompson versus the aliens

Admission restricted 18+
Jim Sharman, 71 mins, Australia, 1972, Colour/B&W, Betacam. Courtesy: Jim Sharman & NFSA
image from shirley thompson versus the aliens
Shirley Thompson Versus the Aliens
Dubbed by its director as a 'psychological thriller cum 50s rock musical/science fiction/fantasy movie'.

The story of a 'widgie' in 1950s Sydney who is visited by aliens from outer space, the film was made in just three weeks on a budget of only $20,000. It was the first and only production of Kollosal Pictures, a short-lived venture formed by Sharman and some young, irreverent collegues.

This was Sharman's first feature, before he went on to shoot the legendary The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Dates   Sat 25 Nov 2006, 2pm
No Longer Available
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