the rumour of true things

Paul Bush
UK, 1996
image from the rumour of true things
Image: The Rumour of True Things

Most of the moving images produced for science, industry, commerce and medicine are seen only by a specialised audience and disappear soon after they have been made.

The Rumour of True Things is constructed entirely from these transient images -computer games, records of weapons testing, production line monitoring tapes, marriage agency tapes - in which traces of our society are indirectly, but strikingly etched.

Within this moving-picture ephemera the film seeks to reveal our society, not as we would like it to be seen, but as it will be seen by future generations - through these accidental testimonies which we have made and recorded.

Dates   Thursday 9 December 2004 - Sunday 13 February 2005
Admission   Free admission
  • part of the proof exhibition
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