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steer madness

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IGF Award: Innovation in Audio (Open Category)

developer(s): Veggie Games Inc
country of origin: Canada
year: 2004


A 3D action-adventure game with a veggie agenda in which you play a cow and save the environment and other animal friends. Players explore the world in-between completing 'animal friendly' missions, such as freeing animals from a cosmetics lab. The game offers an alternative to the violent and anti-social behaviour found in many games. Players can't shoot or kill, are unable to die, and can only move around the world using environmentally friendly transport such as bicycles and an electric powered sports car. The game also features a cinematic introduction, and a soundtrack featuring independent musicians such as Hector and The Winks.

developer's statement
Video games are being sold in the millions - that's a huge audience, a mainstream medium in which I can portray a social message. Steer Madness is more than just a game. It's the ideal medium through which to convey social commentary to today's youth.The video game industry lacks socially minded games. I hope that Steer Madness will encourage other companies to start sponsoring socially conscious games and media that work towards a better world.

developer bios & credits

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