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IGF Award: Cartoon Network 'Project Goldmaster' Winner

developer: Digital Builders
country of origin: Argentina
year: 2004


Pilot your own fighter ship in this slick, top-view action game, with a hypnotic and catchy soundtrack and earth-shattering explosions. A futuristic interface and upbeat soundtrack wraps this well-loved genre piece which maintains nostalgic appeal while still satisfying the visual feast required of today's games. The player's control over the ship is smooth and responsive: allowing fluid manoeuvres and classic arcade-style shooting, reminiscent of Asteroids.

developer's statement
We love the action games, especially the old action games, and we want to make games that we enjoy playing. We get inspiration from the old spaceship games but want to add some new things. We think that the people who love these kinds of games can appreciate the work that we have put into Protöthea.

As independent developers we really love having the opportunity to make the games that we want to make, to try new things and make games that are really fun, and not just commercial.

developer bios & credits

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