2007 festival of jewish cinema

Showcasing contemporary films from around the world on Jewish themes.

Wed 7 Nov - Sun 25 Nov 2007

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All films are restricted to 18+ except Gary Lucas & The Golem

and along come tourists

A contemporary and partly autobiographical story, set in the infamous Polish township of Oswiecim.

garry lucas & the golem

New York guitar virtuoso, Gary Lucas, performs his original musical score for a rare Australian screening of the classic silent film, The Golem.

the last fighters

History comes alive in this moving documentary in which survivors of the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising recall those momentous events.

o jerusalem

A passionate retelling of the spellbinding events of the birth of Israel.

my mexican shivah

My Mexican Shivah is an affectionate and tearful party that's hard to leave.

the journey

A gripping drama of war-time survival in which two teenage sisters flee Nazi-occupied Poland by volunteering for work in Germany.


A compelling and intimate portrait of loss and connection.

sweet mud

Hailed as the most accomplished Israeli feature of the year.

la question humaine

An astonishing film, a genuine tour-de-force and a brilliant meditation on the corrosive effects of history.

it had to be you

A hilarious romantic comedy set in present-day Paris.

saved by deportation

This little-known story of survival is both a harrowing adventure and an affirmation of human goodness during times of great darkness.

the bubble

The Bubble vacillates provocatively between romantic comedy and political tragedy.

the last train

A powerful story of people trying to outrun the mælstrom of history.

dans la vie

A wonderfully written and performed contemporary drama set in present-day France.

just an ordinary jew

This mesmerising screen drama addresses the thorny issue of what it means to be Jewish in contemporary Germany.

the year my parents went on vacation

This partly autobiographical film is as graceful, lucid and moving a film as is likely to be seen this year.


There may be no more beguilingly beautiful or original film this year.

yiddish film between two worlds

A remarkable selection of newly restored archive prints, once thought lost to cinema audiences. Miraculously preserved by The National Center for Jewish Film at Brandeis University, USA, these little-known Yiddish classics represent a hitherto forgotten chapter in world cinema.

the cantor's son

This free-spirited musical tells the story of a wayward youth who makes his way from his Polish shtetl to New York's Lower East Side.

the vow

The Vow is a window into a vanished world already wedged between tradition and modernity.

mothers of today

A classic tale of parental sacrifice and filial ingratitude.

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