melbourne queer film festival

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The Line of Beauty

The 17th Melbourne Queer Film Festival brings to ACMI the best in queer film from Australia and around the world.

Friday 16 March - Sunday 25 March 2007
>Tickets available from Friday 23 February 

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program highlights

Meth unclassified 18+
Todd Ahlberg, 79 mins, USA, 2005, B&W

Don't miss this compelling, powerful and timely documentary exploring the rising wave of crystal meth use among gay men. The courageous subjects of this documentary share their personal journeys with striking candor and disarming humour.

There will be panel discussion regarding the impact of meth on our local community following the screening.

The Set unclassified 18+
Frank Brittain, 102 mins, Australia, 1970

Widely touted as the first gay movie to be made in Australia, The Set has been described as an expose of the high life of upper-crust Sydney. The central story follows the life of Paul, a young artist drawn into the amoral world of Sydney's arts society, known as 'the set'.

Rarely seen on the big screen, this is a one-time screen event not-to-be-missed.

The King and the Clown (Wang-ui namja) unclassified 18+
Jun-ik Lee, 119 mins, South Korea, 2005

South Korea's official entry for foreign language Oscar, and all-time box-office record breaker in that country is based on the popular play 'Yi' ('You'), which was inspired by the diaries of a sixteenth century king.

Blending comedy and wit with ominous, darkly Shakespearean tragedy, The King and the Clown is a sumptuous depiction of an era seen through the wise eyes of street performers.

The Line of Beauty unclassified 18+
Saul Dibb, 180 mins, UK, 2006

Spanning four extraordinary years of tragedy and change, The Line of Beauty is a story about love, class, sex and money that gets deep under the skin of 1980s Thatcherite London.

Framed by the two general elections of the decade, which returned the Conservative government to power, this three-part series from the BBC follows the journey of Nick Guest into the heart of the beautiful and seductive world of the social elite.

Nina's Heavenly Delights unclassified 18+
Pratibha Parmar, 94 mins, UK, 2006

Nina Shah is a feisty young Indo-Scottish woman with an identity crisis. When her father dies suddenly, Nina is forced to return and run the family-owned Curry House.

Embarking on a personal mission to win the 'Best of the West' curry competition, a highly coveted prize in the world of Indian cuisine, she realises that she also is falling in love. Can she win both prizes?

Fri 16 Mar - Sun 25 Mar 2007
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