resistance a screen history of australian counter culture movements

Resistance: sharpies
Sharpies Photo: Larry Jenkins

Where there is power, there is resistance. (Michel Foucault)

In reaction to the conservative and oppressive social and political ideals of the era, 1960s suburban Australia saw the emergence of diverse youth cultures that represented a confronting display of counter-cultural resistance. Relegated to the fringes of society and ghettoised by a hostile media industry, alternative subcultures came to represent the deviant underbelly of Australian society and a cause for moral panic.

Subverting traditional representations of national and cultural identity, Resistance reveals an iconoclastic screen history of alternative Australian culture that is largely absent from mainstream media.

The works in this program explore - through both form and content - the symbolic acts of resistance adopted by counter-cultural groups to disrupt the accepted norms of mainstream culture. Charting diverse modes of social revolt from 1970s public protest and civil disobedience to contemporary modes of political expression through guerrilla art and culture jamming, Resistance celebrates the codes and rituals of the Australian alternative scene as a symbolic mode of cultural expression and social commentary.

Thursday 29 January - Tuesday 3 February 2004
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