der lauf der dinge (the way things go)

Peter Fischli and David Weiss
Germany, 1987
image from der lauf der dinge
Image: Der Lauf der Dinge

Using sculpture, film, photography and installation, Fischli and Weiss transform everyday objects, infusing them with new life and importance. The artists simultaneously amuse and unnerve their audiences, through exploring the relationships of seemingly opposing elements - work and play, order and chaos, the mundane and the sublime.

In their epic tour-de-force of slapstick and physics, Der Lauf der Dinge (The Way Things Go), the ordinary stuff of the artists' studio stars in an absurd parable, reacting in a carefully staged chain of events to gravity, chemicals and machines to demonstrate the utter rationality of cause and effect to no apparent purpose.

Dates   Thursday 9 December 2004 - Sunday 13 February 2005
Admission   Free admission
  • part of the proof exhibition
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