deep space film program

deep space cinema program

Comprising short experimental and poetic documentary works alongside classic and contemporary features, the Deep Space: Sensation & Immersion cinema program echoes and responds to key themes in the Deep Space exhibition in the ACMI Screen Gallery: odyssey and myth, time and light, and the construction, dissolution and imaginative reconstruction of memory, experience and space.

The works in the program take audiences on journeys across physical and metaphorical landscapes, inviting explorations of variously constructed, densely layered spatial and temporal dimensions. The films also explicitly explore the psychological journeys of characters moving - literally and imaginatively - through time and interior spaces.

David Lynch's Lost Highway, a film at the curatorial heart of the program, propels the audience through an emotionally and psychologically charged landscape of unfixed and shifting parameters. Lynch's characters repeatedly emerge from and dissolve into darkness and light, crossing and complicating elusive boundaries of reality and identity.


Alessio Cavallaro, Spiro Economopoulos, Natasha Gadd, Fiona Moore and Christos Tsiolkas (ACMI), Amree Hewitt (National Film and Video Lending Service), ACMI Lending Collection, Jem Cohen, Margie Medlin, Chapel Distribution, Columbia Tri-Star, Dendy, Palace, Potential, Village Roadshow.

A supporting season of films and new media curated by Fiona O'Grady, Clare Stewart and Roberta Ciabarra (ACMI Cinema Programming).

Sunday 17 November 2002 - Tuesday 21 January 2003
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