the last of the knucklemen

image from the last of the knucklemen
The Last of the Knucklemen
Tim Burstall's energetic action-drama follows the lives of several wildcat miners in the outback, coping with heat, hard work and boredom with booze, gambling and fighting.

Action escalates as a skinny bank robber (Peter Hehir) turns up at the mine looking for a place to hide, and allies himself with the hero of the title, mining foreman Tarzan (Gerard Kennedy).

Burstall directs with an abrasive vigour, portraying an honest and harsh picture of the effects of isolation on the group.

The Last of the Knucklemen is one of the few films of its period to offer a critique of the Australian mateship mythology.

Dates   Sat 25 Feb 2006, 2pm
Admission   All Tickets $8
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