next of kin

Tony Williams, 89 mins, Australia, 1982, 35mm. Courtesy: NFSA and Film House Ltd

 image from next of kin
Next of Kin
A frightening slow burner, Next of Kin beautifully juxtaposes the gruffness of rural Australia with gothic flourishes not out of place in a typically extravagant work from the Italian slasher genre.

Returning to inherit her mother's manor house, now converted into a nursing home for the aged, Linda (Jackie Kerin) is met with a mixture of curiosity and hostility.

Apart from discovering a mass of debts and a home filled with eccentric folk, Linda is tormented by a murderous presence lurking within the bowels of the manor.

Director Tony Williams imbues the film with a feeling of creepy dread as he tells the story of a young woman whose nostalgic return home morphs into a journey of terror.

Dates   Sat 10 Dec 2005, 2pm
Admission   All Tickets $8
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