proof forum

image from memory of water
Image: Memory of Water Artist: Sadia Sadia

At a time when weapons of mass destruction never turned up, the Proof Forum questions how consensus is formed.

We all belong to myriad sets of societies and subcultures: how do we believe in one truth? Keynote speaker, Julian Burnside QC, artists and other guest speakers will investigate the array of issues this raises.

Is it that we are living in an insular, complacent society with a diluted interest in truth or evidence?
Is our society increasingly defined through a culture of litigation?
Is truth and meaning a thing of the past?
Has surveillance become ubiquitous and accepted, and are we complicit in its spread via data technologies?
Has the virtual augmentation of most aspects of our lives created a distance from the visceral?

In both talks and discussion, the Proof Forum will debate these questions and ask how artists observe, perceive and challenge the ways that we see the world. Speakers will be invited to address and enquire into such themes as the social construction of truth, dissent, and the mediation of truth, and to question how, as citizens, we can form our own evidence in the contemporary societies of our making.

Participating speakers will include Julian Burnside QC, Peter Hennessey, Nizar Jabour, Sam de Silva, and Sadia Sadia, with more to be announced soon.

Dates   Saturday 5 February 2005, 2pm - 4pm
Admission   Free admission
Sponsored by the Darling Foundation
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