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Developer: Working Title Studio, 2005, USA
IGF Award: Winner, Student Showcase

image for colormental
Colormental. Image: Working Title Studio

Recapture lost colour in the cartoon world of Chromopolis.

Within a drab black and white world with a Van Gogh inspired sky, players use fire, air, ice, lightning and poison to solve unique puzzles and traps.

It offers players an unusual action and reward relationship. As they complete levels, the visual look of the game changes, and colour slowly restores to the world - ultimately bringing back the full 256 colour palette.

developer's statement
Our team was really into the idea of having these different elements, that all have their strengths and weaknesses (like 'Paper, Scissors, Rock'). We also wanted to use these elements not only for fighting, but for solving puzzles too. We thought about how a lot of games don't use color as a main focus and so we threw that into the game play. It worked out well for us. Even though Colormental was our school final project, we always wished for it to be played by more people than just in our school. Being in the IGF was our goal since day one. Now that people all around the world are playing our game, it feels truly amazing and it's probably the best thing that could happen to a bunch of geeks that put together a game for school.

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