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wik and the fable of souls

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IGF Award: Innovation in Visual Art (Web/Downloadable Category), Innovation in Game Design (Web/Downloadable Category), Seamus McNally Award for Independent Game of the Year (Web/Downloadable Category)

developer: Reflexive Entertainment
country of origin: USA
year: 2005


A visually stunning 3D puzzle and action-fable in which players take on the role of an unlikely hero struggling against a mysterious foe. With seemingly simple, mouse-only controls that allow Wik to jump, hang by his tongue, catch bugs and shoot acorns, the game couples the surprising addictiveness of old arcade games with rich cinematic graphics.

Borrowing heavily from the fairytale/storybook aesthetic, Wik's unusual movements, objectives and storybook or challenge modes make it more interesting than standard puzzle games.

developer's statement
Wik and the Fable Of Souls was a labour of love from the beginning, but even halfway through development we felt like we would have to create an audience for it. There is no other game that we know of that's like it in the downloadable space. It's unique console-like game play, while easy to learn, is aimed at a harder-core gamer than the typical downloadable product.

The online market allows us to make games like Wik and the Fable Of Souls without the constraints of a publisher, and allows us the freedom to explore untested game play ideas. We answer only to the customer.

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