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Matthew Barney's legendary Cremaster Cycle

matthew barney's - cremaster cycle

"An inspired benchmark of ambition, scope and forthright provocation for art in the new century." (The New York Times)

"Matthew Barney's beautiful Cremaster Cycle is the first great fusion of art and cinema since Un Chien Andalou." (The Guardian)

Fuelled by jaw-dropping imagery and melding genres as diverse as the musical, the gothic western and Celtic legends, Art-world darling Matthew Barney's legendary The Cremaster Cycle is the cinematic event of the year. For the first time in Australia, all five films will be shown together on the big screen.

Eight years in the making, Matthew Barney began work on The Cremaster Cycle in 1994. Eschewing chronological order, he first produced Cremaster 4 (1994) followed by Cremaster 1 (1995), Cremaster 5 (1997), Cremaster 2 (1999) and Cremaster 3 (2002). Along with each Cremaster film, which Barney writes and directs, and in which he often plays one or more roles, the artist/filmmaker also created related sculptures, drawings and photographs.

This epic cycle explores processes of creation and takes its conceptual departure point from the male cremaster muscle which controls testicular contractions in response to external stimuli. The project is rife with biological metaphors and anatomical allusions to the position of the reproductive organs during the embryonic process of sexual differentiation. A stunning, enclosed aesthetic system The Cremaster Cycle, taken chronologically, represents the movement from ascended (or undifferentiated) to descended (or differentiated) and is lubricated with lashings of Vaseline and a wicked sense of humour.

February 2004

Cremaster 1 & Cremaster 2
Sunday 8 February, 11am (Marathon) - SOLD OUT
Friday 13 February, 7:30pm
Sunday 15 February, 12pm
Saturday 21 February, 5:30pm

Cremaster 3
Sunday 8 February, 1:30pm (Marathon) - SOLD OUT
Saturday 14 February, 5pm
Sunday 15 February, 2:30pm
Saturday 21 February, 8:00pm

Cremaster 4 & Cremaster 5
Sunday 8 February, 5pm (Marathon) - SOLD OUT
Saturday 14 February, 9pm
Thursday 19 February, 7:30pm
Sunday 22 February, 2:30pm

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