mad max

George Miller, 93 mins, Australia, 1979, 35mm. Courtesy: Roadshow Films

 image from mad max
Mad Max
Mad Max roared onto the cinema screens, depicting with shocking vigour a futuristic world of violence and mayhem.

Max Rockatansky (Mel Gibson) resigns from a brutal existence in the police force to enjoy life with his wife and baby son. When his family is run down by a bunch of crazed bikers, the ex-cop goes berserk and dispenses his own version of rough justice.

Other films prior to Mad Max's release had explored the dark side of Australian life, but none compared with the post-industrial landscape, extraordinary dynamism, graphically implied violence and final bleak ending of Miller's iconic film.

Dates   Sat 17 Sep 2005, 2pm
Admission   All tickets $8
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