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35mm application form

To apply to borrow 35mm prints, please return this form and the Projector Service Report below completed by a qualified technician to:

ACMI Collections
PO Box 14
Flinders Lane
Melbourne, Victoria 8009

You can fill in this form online - type directly into each box, then print it out - or you can print it out and fill it in by hand. If you have any difficulty using this form, you can contact ACMI Collections on (03) 8663 2248 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday (AEST).

Note: The application should be completed by the person who will be responsible for screening our films.

ACMI respects your privacy.

contact details
first name
last name
client number
alternative telephone
email address


(correspondence will be via email if you provide an address)
venue for screenings
contract courier
account number

experience and training
Please detail your experience in handling 35mm prints, whether professionally or otherwise. Be as detailed as possible as this will determine whether your organisation can borrow 35mm prints from ACMI Collections.
Do you feel confident operating your projector?  Yes   No 
Do you have an operator's manual for your projector?  Yes   No 
Are you aware that you will be charged for film damage?  Yes   No 
How often will you be borrowing 35mm films?
How often do you clean your projector?
How often is your projector serviced?

The information I have supplied is correct and I understand that I will be charged for any damage to films.
signature _________________________________


projector service report

contact details
first name _________________________________
last name _________________________________
company _________________________________
address _________________________________
suburb _________________________________
state _________________________________
postcode __________
telephone ________________________
mobile ________________________
facsimile ________________________

service details
projector model _________________________________
date of service ___________________
Tick each box to indicate completion
Equipment has been fully inspected for worn or damaged parts.
(please pay particular attention to film path, ie gate, sprockets, rollers)
Operation of equipment has been inspected (threading mechanism and take-up tension).
Equipment has been fully serviced.
Other - please provide details.

I have completed the work specified and I am satisfied that this projector is in good working order.
date ___________________
signature _________________________________
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