web of life a project on living networks, linking art and science

web of life
Image: Web of Life

Because the hands of each person are different, everyone has a unique palm print. In Web of Life, the users hand becomes an interactive medium, activating and altering a singular sequence of imagery and sound. As a hand is scanned at a local or remote terminal, the individuals network of palm lines appears on screen, with information about the physical login location of the contributor.

For its exhibition at ACMI, Web of Life will be networked with a simultaneous presentation at Queensland University of Technology's new Creative Industry precinct in Brisbane. The physical network of Web of Life is evoked by a remarkable range of projected imagery, computed in real time. These network structures include the neuronal circuits of the human brain, the lattice-like grid of urban streets, the leads on a printed circuit board, the fan of waterways at a river delta, or the filigree of arteries in the human body. These visual networks compliment the physical connection between the body of each user and this extraordinary artwork, so that with a digital handshake you too can become part of the Web of Life.

Conceived as a multi-disciplinary project that conjoins art and science, Web of Life provides us with radical new insights into the underlying processes of nature, economy, and society.

Formulated by the writer Michael Gleich and artist Jeffrey Shaw, Web of Life is sponsored by the Aventis Foundation and was created and produced at the ZKM Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany, by a prominent team of artists, designers, architects, scientists, and technicians. Supported by the Goethe Institut.

Dates   Saturday 3 April - Sunday 16 May 2004
10am-5pm daily (closed Christmas Day & Good Friday)
Admission   Free admission
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