minnie and moskowitz

John Cassavetes, 114 mins, USA, 1971, 35mm. Courtesy: Universal

minnie and moskowitz
Minnie and Moskowitz
In this defiantly romantic film, Gena Rowlands is Minnie Moore, a recently dumped museum curator who crosses paths with Seymour Moskowitz, a free-spirited but pushy car park attendant played by Seymour Cassel.

By skewing the romantic comedy template, Minnie and Moskowitz offers two emotionally larger-than-life characters who are by turns, infuriating, manic and endearing.

This is Cassavetes at his most playful and demonstrates the depth of the director as an artist.

Imported print. "Cassavetes' career of risk-taking comes to a climax in this rich, original, magnificent film" Dave Kehr, Chicago Reader

Dates   Sat 24 May 2008, 4pm
No Longer Available
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