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The Australian Centre for the Moving Image has been designed with a number of arcades that thread through the building, from Federation Square to Flinders Street. As part of the visitor's experience of screen-based works at ACMI, these arcades boast over 30 plasmas and LCDs that display a changing array of content.

Public Imaging at ACMI allows a gradual accumulation of screen experiences as the visitor strolls the ACMI public arcades, with the sequences of works chosen to reflect and complement the themes that ACMI explores. Many established and emerging filmmakers have been commissioned to create content especially for these silent screens.

A mixture of plasmas, LCDs and projections, the Public Imaging screens aim to take the visitor on new, unexpected journeys through the lenses of both historical and contemporary filmmaking.

Like the mutable folds of memory itself, or a shoebox full of old photos, the Remembrance Public Imaging experience may be understood as a random reservoir of moving images. It is through the accidental collisions between these silently moving images that a visitor may be treated to tiny narratives, poignant with forgotten gestures, glances, faces, winks of light and time.

While Remembrance inhabits ACMI visitors to the Centre will experience evocative arrangements of new and innovate works by young and emerging artists, commissioned specifically to complement the Remembrance exhibition in the Screen Gallery.

Included within this nostalgic soup of imagery are works that possess some architectural or historical recollection of cinema, Federation Square, or the city of Melbourne more widely: Ettore Siracusa excavates the all-but-forgotten movie houses of Melbourne's recent past in Picture Palaces; Scott Millwood pulls focus on city crowds in Gather; Miles Bennett and Natascha Stellmach explore the 'new' as seen through ageing eyes in Old Man: New World; and drawn exclusively from ScreenSound Australia's extensive archive, Federation Faces, Melbourne Epiphanies and Great Moments in Silent Cinema, all work together to provide memorable and emotive footage.

Dates   March - August 2003, daily 10am-6pm
Admission   Free
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