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escape from woomera

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artist(s): Escape from Woomera Team
country of origin: Australia
technology: Half-life (game modification)


Experience a detention centre from the inside in this hybrid documentary-3D adventure game. Designed to fill in the blanks created by the media lock-out from immigration detention centres, Escape from Woomera encourages personal identification with those incarcerated within the most secretive and controversial places on the Australian political landscape.

artist statement
'Escape From Woomera creates a play-space in which people can access and engage with the issue of mandatory detention in an unprecedented and unique way. We're serious about the issue and as game developers we're serious about games and game culture. We're confident that there is a community of gamers out there who are passionate about their medium, and who are looking for an innovation in the nature of game content.' Escape from Woomera Team

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