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Forbidden Planet
Worship at the temple of cult cinema every Friday - featuring the enigmatic, the anti-establishment, the quirky, the outrageous and movies that are so-bad-they're-good!

Cultists don't merely enjoy their favourite films, they track them down on the big screen (even when they have just played on television), watch them again and again, and persuade anyone who will listen that they should be appreciated, regardless of what the critics and reviewers say.

Sound familiar? Join the converted throng every Friday at 10pm.

Curated by Lisa Pieroni

thumbnail for the fearless vampire killers

The Fearless Vampire Killers

A dementedly camp vampire spoof that sees Professor Abronsius and assistant Alfred attempt to destroy a family of Solvonic Vampires.

thumbnail for radio on

Radio On

Cult British (anti)road movie Radio On offers a unique and compelling vision of late 70s England.

thumbnail for asphalt jungle

The Asphalt Jungle

John Huston's sparse, gritty and tense film is considered the definitive heist or caper movie, copied and paid homage to by dozens of later films.

thumbnail foxy brown

Foxy Brown

In a knockout performance, Pam Grier is Foxy, a furniture thrownin', good lovin', high-octane heroine in a one-woman war against the pusherman.Ya dig?

Forbidden Planet

This sci-fi version of Shakespeare's The Tempest remains one of the most ambitious and intelligent films of the 50s intersteller genre.

thumbnail for bullitt


Steve McQueen plays Frank Bullitt, an all-guts-no-glory San Francisco cop determined to find the person responsible for the death of a key witness.

thumbnail braindead


A highly dynamic blend of horror, outrageous comedy and romance, Braindead is a wild ride of gore for zombie fans.

thumbnail for the honeymoon killers

The Honeymoon Killers

The Honeymoon Killers is a cleverly scripted thriller re-enactment of the 'lonely hearts club murders' which made headlines in 1940s America.

thumbnail for the detective

The Detective

NYPD detective Joe Leland (Frank Sinatra) discovers links to official corruption in NYC and delves into a world of sex and drugs along the way.

thumbnail for the weather underground

The Weather Underground

Powerful and timely, The Weather Underground depicts radical politics at its best and most disastrous.

thumbnail for mars attacks!

Mars Attacks!

Enjoyable spoof of 50s alien-invasion movies, directed by the inimitable Tim Burton.

Valley of the Dolls

Tawdry, trashy, and totally diviiiine, Valley of the Dolls is a definitive camp classic!

thumbnail for heavy metal

Heavy Metal

The cult animation that broke new ground bringing Japanese anime to the West.

thumbnail for the curse of frankenstein

The Curse of Frankenstein

Terence Fisher's lurid and highly successful work elevated Peter Cushing to star status.

thumbnail for the misfits

The Misfits

John Huston's hauntingly melancholic story of cowboys and wild mustangs in the Nevada desert.

thumbnail for whatever happened to baby jane?

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Robert Aldrich's feverish, quasi-Hitchcockian thriller concerns two aging sisters, showbiz has-beens and desperate rivals.

thumbnail for the blob

The Blob

Endearingly campy 50s sci-fi classic featuring 'Steven' McQueen in his first starring role.

thumbnail for a streetcar named desire

A Streetcar Named Desire

Steamy and subversive, Elia Kazan's Oscar-winning adaptation of Tennessee Williams' play stars Marlon Brando and Vivien Leigh.

thumbnail for brazil


Terry Gilliam's dazzling vision of future society is a 'Python-esque' fusion of Kafka and Orwell.

thumbnail for the wicker man

The Wicker Man

A cult classic thriller guaranteed to generate nightmares for many years to come.

thumbnail for drunken master

Drunken Master

An undisciplined boy must learn 'Drunken Fist Kung Fu' in order to stop an assassin.

thumbnail for bad day at black rock

Bad Day at Black Rock

A one-armed man arrives suddenly in a small Western town, intent on uncovering the skeleton in the town closet.

thumbnail for this is spinal tap

This is Spinal Tap

Mockumentary chronicling an aging British rock group that's a working example of the term 'loser'.

thumbnail for beach party

Beach Party

Surf, sun and silliness abound in the Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello beach movie that started them all.

thumbnail for pink flamingos

Pink Flamingos

John Water's no-budget, deliberate exercise in ultra-bad taste has attracted a legion of admirers.

thumbnail for poltergeist


Sensationally scary ghost story about a family home invaded by unfriendly spirits who 'kidnap' a 5-year-old girl.

thumbnail for hard boiled

Hard Boiled

Masterful Hong Kong action director John Woo's (The Killer, Face/Off) pyrotechnic tale of warring gangsters and shifting loyalties.

thumbnail for the last of sheila

The Last of Sheila

Movie producer Clifton Greene (James Coburn) invites six Hollywood 'friends' to his yacht to identify who ran over his wife Sheila.

thumbnail for straight to hell

Straight to Hell

This punk comedy homage to the spaghetti westerns, directed by Alex Cox, is full of over-the-top madness.

thumbnail for the ordeal

The Ordeal

This Belgian-made thriller is a highly effective venture into the 'Backwoods Brutality' genre, as popularised by 1970s films like Deliverance.

thumbnail for deliverance


Adapted from James Dickey's apocalyptic novel, Deliverance is not only an action-packed adventure film, but one that will continue to haunt you.

thumbnail for invaders from mars

Invaders from Mars

In this 50s sci-fi tale of a Martian invasion, David MacLean (Jimmy Hunt) hears noises in the night and sees a spaceship land.

thumbnail for a clockwork orange

A Clockwork Orange

Kubrick's anarchic cult classic starring Malcolm McDowell.

thumbnail for meet the feebles

Meet the Feebles

As television celebrities, the Feebles are adored by the outside world, but those behind-the-scenes know the real story.

thumbnail for the lost boys

The Lost Boys

Joel Schumacher's exhilarating vampire horror/suburban comedy stars Jason Patric, Corey Haim, Dianne Wiest, Kiefer Sutherland and Corey Feldman.

thumbnail for x: the man with the x-ray eyes

X: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes

Cult director Roger Corman's X is considered by many to be his best film.

thumbnail for black christmas

Black Christmas

Bob Clark's 1974 sorority house horror classic set the template for slasher films to follow, John Carpenter's Halloween most notable among them.

thumbnail for the twelve chairs

The Twelve Chairs

Abounding with Mel Brooks' signature flourishes, The Twelve Chairs is a comic gem of gentle humour and genuine subtlety.

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