Correspondences Events

Events, talks and workshops that have featured as part of the Correspondences: Víctor Erice and Abbas Kiarostami exhibition at ACMI.

talks, tours & lectures

everyday cinema

A lecture examining the multiple connections between the work of Erice and Kiarostami.

antidote to hollywood

Gary Simmons, lecturer and writer on screen texts and Education Programmer at ACMI, will discuss a few of his favourite Iranian films.

the art of correspondence

Four artists swap notes on how they use, and interpret, correspondence.

curators tour

Join the curatorial team for a walk through the exhibition, giving you their insight and analysis of the works of these two extraordinary filmmakers.


correspondence 1

Luke 'You' invites YOU to write a letter - or ten - for distribution in major cities around the world.

correspondence 2

BYO disguise for this anonymous do-it-yourself zine and film collaboration with Luke 'You'.

correspondence 3

Julie Millowick will show participants how to create visual representations of their personal correspondence, using the beautiful cyanotype process.

correspondence 4

Join media artist Tamsin Sharp for a collaborative video art project which explores your views, thoughts and stories in a video chain letter.

correspondence 5

An intimate evening with fan mail artist Mark Siebert, reading his frank letters to Nick Cave, Iggy Pop, Miles Davis, The Strokes and more.

education programs

student lecture

Examine the effect of photography in both a social and creative context, using the photographs exhibited in Correspondences as a departure point.

the colour of paradise

Like the contemplative works of Kiarostami and Erice, Majid Majidi's film encourages viewers to engage in careful observation of our world.

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