the fog of war eleven lessons from the life of robert s. mcnamara

Errol Morris, USA, 103 mins, 2003

 image from the fog of war
Image: The Fog of War

This beautifully crafted documentary by idiosyncratic filmmaker, Errol Morris (The Thin Blue Line, Gates of Heaven), assembles a complex and compelling portrait of former United States Defence Secretary Robert S. McNamara.

McNamara began his political career in the U.S. Air Force and saw active duty during the devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In civilian life, he became company president of the Ford Motor Car company before resigning to take up a crucial post as Secretary of Defence, serving under Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis and later under President Lyndon Johnson during the United States' incursion into Vietnam.

Morris allows McNamara to gradually reveal - and perhaps, to a degree, acquit - himself, by reflecting on the ideological contradictions and compromises he faced in his public and private lives.

Dates   Friday 28 January 2005, 9pm
Admission   Full $13
Concession $10

Proof Pass (any 6 sessions)
Full $60
Concession $50

Courtesy: Columbia TriStar
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