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IGF Award: Innovation in Game Design (Open Category),Seumas McNally Award for Independent Game of the Year (Open Category)

developer: Chronic Logic LLC
country of origin: USA
year: 2005


Play an animated ball of tar on a mission to save your girlfriend in this 2D game with fabulous, real-world physics and fun environments. The uniqueness of this platformer lies in its choice of hero and in the charm of mastering the controls and learning how to move Gish according to true-to-life physics. Players learn to understand the flow of movement which allows them to manipulate and explore environments, find secret hideaways or levels, and battle or race each other in a football field or even in the bathhouse.

developer's statement
I think the main inspiration for Gish came from playing a lot of very old-school 2D games. We really wanted to make a game that not only had that 2D look, but that feeling of "wow this is something different, this is fun" you would get when you first played Mario.

A lot of what made those older games good was the amount of heart that went into them. They were made by small teams having fun, and doing something different and new. I think a lot of that is lost in the majority of recent video games.

Gish is also the first physics-based 2D side-scroller of its kind, and I think that stands out a lot. We did our best at making a game that stands out as different, and from the game-play to the graphics I think we achieved that goal. I think it's very important for independents to understand what makes them different from the mainstream and focus their time and effort on the things they can do because they are independent. It's important for independents to cut their own niche and make original games that don't appeal to the mainstream.

Your goal as an indie should never be to appeal to every single demographic, your goal should be to make a unique game with a lot of heart that YOU would play and say "yeah this game rocks".

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