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megan spencer presents: jisoe + a dollar for the good ones


I loved being surprised. That's one of the best things about being involved in film. As both a filmmaker and film critic I'm in this amazingly fortunate position of constantly making new discoveries, randomly chancing upon filmmakers and their films. I find them and they find me - it's like everyday is my birthday.

What's also rewarding is the kind of 'modesty' these discoveries often grow out of - finding films that don't come with giant fanfare or Tropfest-levels of hyperbole. They just 'are'. A Dollar For The Good Ones and Jisoe are two such recent discoveries that have re/inspired me, especially in the realm of DIY documentary. In my opinion they are two of the best, most significant documentaries to be produced in Australia of recent years.

And not just because they are self-financed exercises in 'by any means necessary' cinema (though I'd be lying if I said that 'punk' edge wasn't appealing and didn't add to their worth!) Both of these films transcend the methods by which they were made and fulfil the criteria laid down by the best documentaries that have come before them. They are confronting, confounding and compassionate - superbly fashioned depictions of Australia's underclass. They give a voice to those who don't have one. Made on video with a fearlessness that has all but disappeared from our screens - both small and big.

Like I said, I love being surprised. We all do.

Megan Spencer, 2007

Jisoe  A Dollar for the Good Ones
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