spirited away

Hayao Miyazaki
Japan, 2001, 122 mins, 35mm, English language version

Spirited Away
Image: Spirited Away
Winner of Best Film at Berlin and at the Japanese Academy Awards, and winner of the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, Hayao Miyazaki's captivating feature film Spirited Away is presented here in its English language version, featuring the voice talent of Suzanne Pleshette, Lauren Holly and Michael Chiklis.

Ten-year-old Chihiro is unhappy at the prospect of her family moving house. When her father takes a wrong turn on their way to their new neighbourhood, the family stumbles upon an abandoned theme park that transports them into a mystical world inhabited by wondrous creatures and ghostly apparitions. Separated from her parents, Chihiro embarks on a fantastical adventure in which she encounters talking toads, walruses, penguins and a sludge monster, among other bizarre deities and demons, on her quest to find her way home. It is a gloriously lavish mix of fantasy, folklore and social commentary for children of all ages.

Dates   Tuesday 6 January - Friday 9 January 2004, 1.30pm
Tuesday 13 January - Friday 16 January 2004, 1.30pm
Tuesday 20 January - Friday 23 January 2004, 1.30pm
Admission   All tickets $4
  • part of kids' flicks
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