Monday, 21 June 2004

2004: australian culture now

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image is delighted to announce its landmark forthcoming collaboration with the National Gallery of Victoria.

2004 is the most ambitious survey of Australian contemporary art in recent years, covering all areas of visual cultural practice including; Animation, Architecture, Craft, Design, Digital Media, Film, Games, Indigenous and Non-Indigenous practices, Installation, Interactive, Net Art, Painting, Television, Performance, Photography, Publishing, Sculpture, Sound, Technology, Video, VJ Culture and Web.

Featuring works by 66 artists and collectives ACMI presents six component projects as part of 2004.

These are:

  • Screen Gallery- travel underground into the world's largest screen gallery to experience this major exhibition of new Australian screen-based and interactive works.
  • Screen Lounges: Neighbours (The Remix).
  • Networked Art(online, wireless, interactive media).
  • ARTV- ground-breaking 'ad-size gems' of art to be screened on SBS television (co-commissioned with SBS Independent).
  • Public Imaging - dazzling silent cinema on 30 screens across ACMI.
  • Cinema Program- Sunday afternoon screenings featuring Q + A sessions with six contemporary filmmakers working across fiction, documentary, animation, advertising, and music video.

ACMI's six component projects will include a vast array of work by 66 artists and collectives in every area of new media practice including film, video, television, networked, digital and online media, interactive art, sound and installation works spanning every category of moving image art.

Each of the six components will feature new and recent works by leading figures as well as some of the hottest new talent in each field. Below is a brief overview of each section.

2004 Screen Gallery exhibition

SCREEN GALLERY, Australian Centre for the Moving Image

Tuesday 8 June - Sunday 12 September (10am - 5pm Monday to Friday 10 - 6pm weekends)

Free exhibition

Curator: Alexie Glass

ACMI's Screen Gallery is the world's largest dedicated space for exhibiting the moving image. As a key part of 2004, the Screen Gallery at ACMI hosts a spectacular major exhibition including a dazzling array of 15 large-scale and intimate interactive installations, screen-based and online works, and featuring specially commissioned new works by 7 of Australia's leading video, gaming and new media artists.

The 2004 exhibition at ACMI features challenging and never seen before work by leading art/science collective symbioticA, a very different type of 'splatter film' by Marcus Lyall, an unsettling exploration of surveillance by Alex Davies as well as three works from 2004's Networked art program - the stunning 3D landscapes of Peter Murphy's Panoramic VR Weblog; The Line Ahead, Zina Kaye's real-time visual representations of radio-scanned transmissions live from Melbourne Airport, and the swirling deluge of images in Tim Plaisted's Surface Browser.

The 2004Screen Gallery exhibition includes works by some of the most significant Australian artists to have emerged in the past decade including: Shaun Gladwell (NSW), Monica Tichachek (NSW), the Kingpins (NSW), Philip Brophy (VIC), Troy Innocent (VIC), David Rozetsky (VIC), and a multi-disciplinary collaborative work by David Dale (NSW), Jonathon Jones (NSW), and David Page (NSW). ACMI's Screen Gallery also hosts part of the Networked 2004 exhibition.


Broadcast on SBS Television commencing Sunday 7 June until Sunday 12 September.

Curator: Clare Stewart

Sixteen of Australia's finest contemporary artists rethink the language of the moving image and the rhythms of television programming by creating a series of ad-sized works of art specifically for the television screen.

Co-commissioned for 2004 by ACMI and SBS Independent, ARTV airs on SBS from 7 June and screens in ACMI Cinemas, in the Screen Lounges for the duration of the 2004 exhibition. Participating artists include Vernon Ah Kee (QLD), Daniel Crooks (VIC), Shaun Gladwell (NSW), Helen Grace (NSW), Arlene TextaQueen (VIC), Hossein Valamanesh (SA), Martin Walch (TAS) and Craig Walsh (QLD).

2004 Cinema program: focus on

ACMI CINEMAS, Australian Centre for Moving Image

Sundays 20 June, 4 & 18 July, and 1, 15 & 29 August

Tickets: Full $11 / Concession $8; Bookings: ACMI box office PH: 8663 2583

Curator: Clare Stewart

The 2004 cinema program, Focus On, will shine the spotlight on six leading contemporary Australian moving image makers: Cordelia Beresford (NSW), Richard Grant (NSW), Susan Kim (NSW), Catriona McKenzie (NSW), Cate Shortland (NSW) and Ben Speth (VIC).

Working in a range of different areas of the moving image from fiction, documentary, and animation to advertising and music video, all are known for their visionary style that sets them apart from their peers. Focus On will gives audiences a rare opportunity to meet the directors in person, hear them discuss their approach to film-making, and view (and in some cases get an early sneak preview of) some of their memorable work.

Neighbours (the remix)

SCREEN LOUNGES, Australian Centre for the Moving Image

Tuesday 8 June - Sunday 12 September (10am - 4pm every day)

Free exhibition but bookings required PH: 8663 2346

Curator: Spiro Economopolous

Imagine prime time commercial TV re-programmed by innovative Australian filmmakers and artists and without neutralising effects of market research - and you might conjure images of TV programming resembling the wildly eclectic Neighbours (the remix).

ACMI has specially commissioned eight leading emerging and established artists to produce new work for Neighbours (the remix) that directly and critically comment on the role of popular culture in Australian society, and offers an alternative to the bland, often unrealistic Australian cultural identity that is presented by Neighbours and other offerings from commercial television.

Frequently touted as the ultimate fantasy of a 'perfect' Australian life, long-running super-soap Neighbours portrays a life in which suburbia is always sunny, always welcoming and, of course, always white. Screened all over Europe, in the United States and even parts of Africa, Neighbours is - for many of its international viewers - as close as it gets to an understanding of 'The Great Australian Way of Life'.

Participating artists include: Brook Andrew (NSW), Katrina Sawyer (NSW), Cherine Fahd (NSW), DAMP Art collective (VIC), Joel Anderson (VIC), David Jolly (VIC), Ocular Lab (VIC), and Destiny Deacon (VIC).

2004: Networked


Tuesday 8 June - Sunday 12 September (10am - 5pm Monday - Friday; 10am - 6pm weekends)

Free exhibition

Curator: Melinda Rackham

Featuring a new generation of artists working with wireless, interactive and on-line technologies,

2004: Networked Art is art born in the era of digital culture - where computers of every kind and the internet have become integral to daily existence.

Frequently taking inspiration from pre-existing art forms, cultural phenomena and industrial and personal technology  - such as computer games, poetry, blogging, animation, music, aircraft radio transmissions, java code and the mobile phone - networked art is a flourishing and highly accessible experience for everyone including those who would like to understand just a little bit more and those who would like to get hands-on and create for themselves.

Networked works will appear in many forms and locations across ACMI - as installations in ACMI's Screen Gallery, on display in a purpose-built 'interactive zone', as live events, and also online from June 8 at Networked encompasses major trends in online / digital / interactive art including software art, machinima, tactical media, blogging, text etc.  Participating artists include: geniwate (VIC), Deep Child (NSW), Rebecca Cannon (VIC), Peter Murphy (NSW), Tim Plaisted (QLD), Zina Kaye (NSW) and Anita Johnston (QLD).

2004 Public Imaging

PUBLIC IMAGING SCREENS at Australian Centre for the Moving Image

Tuesday 8 June - Sunday 12 September (10am - 6pm every day)

Free Exhibition

Curator: Rhys Graham

A free program of silent cinema displayed on more than 30 screens scattered through ACMI's corridors and arcades, the Public Imaging program re-imagines the everyday world in playful and surprising ways - distorting time and motion, altering space, and dissecting the physical gestures of hysteria, shock and attraction.

Participating artists include Marcus Lyall (VIC), Cordelia Beresford (NSW), Amiel Courtin-Wilson (VIC), Daniel Crooks (VIC) and Sascha Ettinger-Epstein (NSW).


Media inquiries:

Brendan Wall ACMI 03 8663-2406,  0417 852 118,

Danielle Poulos ACMI 03 8663-2415, 0417 540 543,

A CD of superb high resolution images is available for media.


Principal sponsor

Ernst & Young

Exhibition Partner

John McCaughey Memorial Prize Trust

Support sponsors

Macquarie Bank

Sofitel Melbourne

Federation Square Management


Taylor Made Signs

This project has been assisted by the Commonwealth Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

Further information

Claire Butler
Communications Coordinator
[direct phone] 61 3 8663 2415 [fax] 61 3 8663 2498 [mobile] 0434 603 654
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