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weird worlds: return to infinite space

Developer: Digital Eel, 2005, USA
IGF Award: Winner, Innovation in Audio

image from weird worlds
Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space. Image: Courtesy of Digital Eel
Explore galaxies, witness stars exploding, discover new races and trade, all in less than 30 earth minutes.

Players choose to command a pirate, scientific or military vessel with the game's turn-based gameplay changing to real-time when in combat.

The rich, randomly generated world entices players back again and again.The game encourages, and is strongly influenced by, its strong modding community. Upon loading it asks if the player wants to load a mod, and offers a website where players can create and download mods or other game add-ons.

developer's statement
Weird Worlds was inspired by the whole of science fiction: from all of the trivia accumulated over the years to the science fiction novels, space games, TV shows and movies that we like. It was also inspired by the concept of multi-level gameplay, a handy phrase coined by Ernest Adams to describe games with different gameplay modes, one of which is conceptually inside another. Weird Worlds was designed to offer gamers the experience of a grand star-spanning saga within short game sessions lasting 10 to 30 minutes. And since a random universe is generated for each game, replay-ability is virtually infinite!

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