one hour photo

Mark Romanek, 96 mins, USA, 2002, 35mm. Courtesy: 20th Century Fox

image from one hour photo
One Hour Photo
Writer/director Mark Romanek's gripping psychodrama stars Robin Williams as Sy Parrish, the manager of a one-hour photo stand in a Sav-Mart superstore.

Fixating on pretty suburban matron Nina Yorkin (Connie Nielsen), Sy falls in love with her life - successful husband (Michael Vartan), cute kid (Dylan Smith), devoted pet, fun-filled vacations, and a palatial suburban spread - as recorded in the family snapshots that he processes with near religious devotion.

Literally, the dirtier he gets as he starts to root around the Yorkins' lives, the more unstable and dangerous he becomes.

Dates   Thu 26 Oct 2006, 7pm
No Longer Available
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