the tulse luper suitcases

Admission restricted 18+
The visual style of this ambitious trilogy is unorthodox, even when compared to other Greenaway films. Multiple takes, different angles or identical copies of the same footage are displayed simultaneously within the frame. Images are offset in time from one another with a corresponding delay in audio. At times a written representation of the script also scrolls across the screen as it is performed. The overall effect is somewhat like a visual encyclopedia or a form of interactive media - without the interaction.

image from the moab story
The Moab Story

Sat 14 Oct 5pm
The Moab Story unclassified 18+
Peter Greenaway, 127 mins, UK, 2003

The Moab Story is the first film of the series and deals with the adventures of Tulse Luper in three locations, or 'prisons' in Newport South Wales, in Moab Utah and in Antwerp Belgium in the two decades before the Second World War. During these three prisons we see the first of 92 suitcases that will be packed by Luper, or on his behalf, in locations all over the world, that when investigated, will display and explain, elucidate and contemplate so many aspects of his life and times.

image from vaux to the sea
Vaux to the Sea
Sun 15 Oct 2.30pm
Vaux to the Sea unclassified 18+
Peter Greenaway, 108 mins, UK, 2003

This second film of the series follows Tulse Luper and his friends, lovers, jailers and enemies during the Second World War in a chateau at Vaux in Northern France, in a cinema in Strasbourg, and in a collaborationist household on the French coast at Dinard.

image from sark to finish
From Sark to Finish
Mon 16 Oct 6.30pm
From Sark to Finish unclassified 18+
Peter Greenaway, 105 mins, UK, 2003

In the third film of the series, Luper, writer, collector and archivist, continues his adventures as a professional prisoner during the later years of the Second World War and its aftermath, the Cold War.

Dates   Sat 14 Oct 2006, 5pm
Sun 15 Oct 2006, 2.30pm
Mon 16 Oct 2006, 6.30pm
No Longer Available
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