machinima film festival 2008

griff ball
Griff Ball

Machinima is the art of making films using game engines. Here's your chance to see the latest and coolest machinima films from around the world, as well as meet the stars and learn how to make your own machinima films.

Saturday 14 June - Sunday 15 June 2008


machinima festival showcase

The world's top machinima filmmakers gather to talk about their work.

making machinima

Learn the essentials of machinima production.

red vs blue: reconstruction

Filmed in Halo 3's theatre tools, Red vs Blue: Reconstruction continues the tradition of first class machinima from Rooster Teeth Productions.

The Machinima Film Festival at ACMI is presented by the Academy of the Machinima Arts and Sciences

Sponsored by Beepa
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