golden shadows

image of jackie chan in rumble in the bronx

Golden Shadows presents the best Hong Kong movies in 35mm.

Classic programs showcase Hong Kong's amazing genre-based film industry. Many of these movies have never been seen outside Australia's Chinatown circuit.

All films are screened with English subtitles.

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the lovers

Golden Shadows celebrates the double joy of Chinese New Year and Valentines Day with two special screenings of The Lovers, based on Asia's most loved historical romantic folktale 'The Butterfly Lovers'.

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A fascinating, movie-length documentary about Tibetan history and culture - from lost kingdoms to the rarely-seen Buddhist heavenly burial ritual.

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full moon in new york (ren zai niu yue)

Wonderfully directed by Stanley Kwan, this film is a tale of three very different Chinese women living in New York City.

thumbnail for master of zen

master of zen (da mo zu shi)

China's most famous martial arts film is a spellbinding blend of kung fu action and Buddhist mythology.

thumbnail for lost in time

lost in time (mong bat liu)

An award winning performance from Cantonese director/actor Cecelia Cheung as a young Hong Kong woman struggling with the capricious realities of life, love and death. An intelligent and heartfelt film from director Derek Yee (One night in Mongkok).

thumbnail for full time killer

full time killer (chuen jik sat sau)

Chinese superstar Andy Lau (House of  Flying Daggers) is Hong Kong's top hitman who finds himself under the gun from Japan's number one assassin.

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