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IGF Award: Technical Excellence (Web/Downloadable Category)

developer: Large Animal Games
country of origin: USA
year: 2005


A catchy 1950s-style 3D bowling game in which players try their luck and compete in tournaments with rocket powered balls. The contoured 'mini-golf based' terrain of the course showcases the technical brilliance behind the game, with the ball rolling in response to the bumps and dips of the surface. It also allows players to approach the same shot multiple ways, and with old-school 'golf' controls, provides an accessible yet addictive play experience.

developer's statement
RocketBowl was designed with a very broad spectrum of gamers in mind, including those players who would never describe themselves as "gamers". We tested the game with our parents throughout development to make sure that it was very accessible.

We chose bowling because all of us here at Large Animal enjoy it, and because it's popular around the world. However, we didn't want to make a straightforward bowling simulation. The idea for bowling over contoured terrain came from skateboard parks with their bowls and pipes. It allows each player to choose their own 'line' and offers a rich set of possibilities to explore.

developer bios & credits

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